Red Sox Ball Girl Makes Big Mistake: Priceless Reaction To Big Oops Caught On Camera

A Red Sox ball girl’s error was all caught on video, naturally, and of course it has gone viral. The incident happened in Friday’s game against the Kansas City Royals, and chances are that this gal has learned quite the lesson.

For The Win of USA Today Sports shared the video of the Red Sox ball girl snatching up the line drive hit by Eric Hosmer of the Royals during the fourth inning. The ball was fair and in play when she mistakenly scooped it up. She quickly realized her mistake and dropped it, as if to act as if nothing had happened, but of course it was too late. Everybody else around her already knew she had made a big mistake in grabbing the ball. The announcers said that a case could probably be made that Hosmer would have had a double out off the hit even if she had not interfered, but now fans will never know.

Fans sitting nearby watched it play out and were waving and hollering for her to not scoop up the ball, and the look on her face shows she quickly realized that she had made a significant mistake. She grimaced and of course the cameras caught the look on her face. She also said to someone sitting right next to her, “I’ll probably get fired.” Talk about an embarrassing moment caught in a way that she surely will never live down among her family and friends.

Us Weekly notes that the Red Sox still won the game, which is likely a good thing for the Red Sox ball girl. So far it doesn’t seem that her name has been made public. It also seems that the gal does still have her job though, Us Weekly noted via information from the Today show. Chances are that, at the very least, she may get a bit of additional training.

Of course, there are many moments during baseball games that are caught on camera and end up going viral, but this one is quickly becoming a fan and viewer favorite. The video has made it to YouTube and of course the Red Sox ball girl mistake has been viewed thousands of times in just the few days. While some would embrace the notoriety and make the most of their 15 minutes of fame, so far it seems this gal is aiming to stay out of the spotlight and many can’t blame her.

[Image via Yahoo! News]