Prince George Has A Spectacular Birthday Weekend At Scottish Balmoral Castle, Peter Rabbit Themed Party

Prince George will be celebrating his first birthday tomorrow, but the celebration has already begun for the little prince. Prince George had a spectacular birthday weekend that started with a Peter Rabbit themed party with his grandmother, Carole Middleton, and ended with a trip to Scotland for a weekend stay at the Balmoral Castle.

On June 19, Prince George celebrated an intimate birthday party with his grandmother Middleton with a Peter Rabbit themed party. A source told the Daily Mail:

“There will be lots of finger food, oodles of fresh fruit, organic ice creams and fresh fruit sorbets. He’ll have Peter Rabbit cake and home-made baby-bunny biscuits.”

Prince George and guests were to be seated on bean bags printed with animal faces, one of which has “George” embroidered on it. Kate, like Carole, loves anything personalized. The birthday party at the Middleton home outside of Buckleberry was told to be an “intimate affair” with close friends and family.

As far as gifts, there was nothing overly lavish to be given. Prince George was set to receive an adorable traditional wooden train with carriages spelling out his name. Additionally, Prince George’s other gifts were to include a personalized fleecy dressing-gown, pillow made out of Tombolo lace, and the family dog, Lupo, will give George a photo of himself and George together in the garden. Prince William was set to give him a hand-stitched football he made and Kate has a special “birthday book” planned.

The Peter Rabbit themed party isn’t all the royal family had in store for Prince George. George and family left for Balmoral Castle in Scotland to finish off his first birthday celebration. The royal family has owned the sprawling 50,000 acre Scottish castle since the early 19th century.

Hollywood Life reports there is a lot to do for the family on the beautiful grounds. The castle reportedly has a boat pool in the banks of River Dee, perfect for the soon-to-be 1-year-old to cool off during the warm summer months. There is also a small beach near at the bank, where George will recreate the same summer traditions his own father, Prince William, enjoyed as a child. However, there are activities for the adults at the Balmoral Castle, too. Kate, William, and other guests will be able to enjoy horseback riding, biking, and much more.

Queen Elizabeth II is also reported to be in attendance for the big event. Though HRH Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and Prince William are notoriously self sufficient and require very little in the way of personal staff, Queen Elizabeth II will have a staff of over 100 to ensure the stay at Balmoral Castle is nothing short of lavish. Dinner at the Scottish castle is said to be incredibly formal with the men wearing kilts.

Prince George is sure to have a spectacular birthday tomorrow at Balmoral Castle. What do you think of the “family centered” birthday plans for Prince George?