‘Duck Dynasty’ Accused Of ‘Fooling’ Fans, Exposed In New Report?

Duck Dynasty is under fire (yet again) for “fooling” fans and lying about their lives on television. According to Radar Online, the Robertsons have not been completely honest over the past few years. Most of the supposed lies surround brothers Phil and Si, and most of the things mentioned you already know about — but they have been brought up again anyway.

The article seems to focus on Phil’s life before he became a “man of God.” And while Phil will be the first person to tell you about his partying ways and his booze-filled romps, apparently people don’t change. The man certainly was a wild child in his 20s, but his life is much different now, and that is pretty clear. Phil really isn’t fooling anyone, is he?

Duck Dynasty is attacked from all sides as their lives are “exposed” by the site. However, almost everything mentioned happened decades ago. It seems like another classic case of “dig up the past” to create a non-existent problem in the present.

Here are a couple of the ways that you might have been lied to by the Robertsons:

“Si claims his son, Scott, suffered brain damage and acted strangely as a child because of liver problem, but his son was later diagnosed with Asperger’s after trying to jump out of a second-story window.

“During his 20s-boozy-binges, Phil Robertson assaulted a couple and fled the state while they were hospitalized.

“Alan’s wife, Lisa, claims another family member sexually abused her when she was between 7 and 14-years-old. But the allegations go one step further after she claimed that six other family members were also abused.”

These Duck Dynasty “secrets and lies” don’t change the opinions of fans… like at all. Most of the information provided by the site has been admitted by the Robertson family. They don’t seem to want to hide anything, even the fact that that parts of their show are fixed to make for better television (like the “bleeps” that are added in when the family doesn’t even curse). However, the family is constantly slammed for one thing or another, just because they don’t have perfect lives. Newsflash: People don’t like the Robertsons because they think they are perfect. In fact, their imperfections make them more likable in general. The National Enquirer feels like they have done everyone a favor by expanding on these supposed “lies,” but really there’s nothing new here.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, even a recent magazine interview turned into a set-up. The Robertsons don’t try to hide behind a facade or pretend they are something that they aren’t — but they are often made out to seem that way.

Are you a Duck Dynasty fan? Do you think the Robertsons have “fooled the world”?

[Photo courtesy of Karolina Wojtasik for A&E]