Farrah Abraham Considers Film Adaption Of 'Celebrity Sex Tape'

Farrah Abraham recently released her novel, Celebrity Sex Tape In The Making, earlier in July, and she is ready to start thinking about adapting the novel into a film.

Farrah Abraham's erotic novel is the first in the Celebrity Sex Tape trilogy, and the stories center around the semi-autobiographical main character, Fallan Opal. Although Farrah posed for the cover of the first novel, she says that she will not play the role of the main character in a film adaptation, according to Us Weekly.

Farrah claims that while her fans want her to star in the movie, she does not plan to follow through with their requests. Abraham dished the details of why she would not want to play the role in a film adaption in an interview.

"I'm not going to do a movie with this, so many people are obsessed with that idea, I think I've done, myself, enough TV, and me, obviously I would never be in a video or a movie of my book because that would be crazy," Farrah Abraham said.

In fact, Farrah has her own ideas of who could play the part of Fallan Opal. She suggested that Jessica Alba or Sandra Bullock would fit the part perfectly.

Abraham confessed that the main character in the Celebrity Sex Tape novels has many similarities to herself, but the character is very wild in comparison.

"I live vicariously through Fallon Opal. I'm like 'Wow! I wish.' She does some other crazy stuff," Farrah Abraham said. "There are some things that I'm a little bit envious of. I know it's close to reality, but I kind of feel like it's not really reality, so it's good to read that."

The 23-year-old, best known for her role in the Teen Mom reality show, eventually became well-known in the adult entertainment industry when she released her own sex tape. Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom was released in April 2013.

Farrah Abraham and daughter
Farrah Abraham originally shot to fame through Teen Mom.

Abraham claims that there will be no more sex tapes starring herself unless it occurs after she is married.

"I think the healthiest way for me to continue being Farrah and who I am is to continue writing erotic novels," she admitted to Us Weekly. "Being so sexy, I think that's for when I get married. And if I ever do another sex tape, I'm probably going to do it with my husband, and you can just celebrate marriage with me."

Farrah Abraham revealed that although she will not be starring in her erotic novel film or any more adult entertainment films for now, she is set to star in two "Christian-based" movies soon.

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