WWE News: Battleground Results And The Implementation Of Paul Heyman’s Plan C

WWE’s Battleground pay-per-view provided some fantastic matches, along with drama that lasted for miles. John Cena retained the WWE World Heavyweight championship, the Miz won the Intercontinental title, the Uso’s defeated the Wyatt Family to keep their tag-team titles in a thrilling match, and AJ Lee kept her Diva’s championship in a very entertaining divas match. However, the highlight of the night may have come from a brawl outside of the ring.

Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins was scheduled to face Dean Ambrose in a singles match, but it never started after Ambrose interrupted a backstage interview with Rollins and Tom Phillips. Triple H banned Ambrose from the building and had Rollins go out to the ring and accept a win by forfeit.

Being the lunatic Ambrose is, he attacked Rollins again and it turned into an all-out street fight. After it was broken up by management and HHH, that wasn’t the end of the Lunatic Fringe. He pulled off a clever attack on Rollins in the parking lot, after hiding in Rollins’ trunk. The two traded blows before Rollins got away in his Dodge Charger.

Needless to say, the two should have an emphatic showdown at SummerSlam on August 17.

Speaking of emphatic returns, Paul Heyman tweeted the following last night that could hint at a possible comeback for a hated WWE superstar:

For the logical and well-educated pro wrestling fan, Lesnar’s return has been rumored for quite sometime. Ever since he defeated the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania, Lesnar made hating easy for the WWE Universe. When something that extravagant happens and you are the one who caused it, extreme detest for that man is inevitable. As soon as that music hits, a roar of boos and memories will be reminisced about how the Undertaker lost on his stomping grounds.

It doesn’t end there though, as Cena was supposed to lose the title last night, in order for Roman Reigns to begin his reign with the strap. Since that didn’t happen, it looks like Cena will be facing Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. Then again, what if the “C” in Plan C stands for CM Punk? Yeah, that will never happen, although it would make for excellent television.

There are about 12 hours until the WWE Universe finds out what Plan C actually is. Most likely, the Beast Incarnate will make his long-awaited return to the WWE squared circle, where he will then clash with the greatest-WWE champion of all-time.

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