July 21, 2014
Naomi Campbell Pays Damages To Photographer She Attacked: Did Supermodel Go Too Far?

Naomi Campbell has never been the biggest fan of the media, especially the over-eager cameras of the paparazzi.

Back in 2009, the supermodel had a scuffle with an Italian photographer, Gaetano Di Giovanni, who ended up in hospital with scratches and bruises to his face. This was after Campbell had slapped him, and hit him with her handbag as he took pictures of her with her now ex-boyfriend.

Following the incident, Di Giovanni took Naomi Campbell to court and accused her of battering and scratching him after he photographed her. The photographer also claimed that Campbell damaged his left eye with her long nails.

Campbell has denied the allegations against her all along, claiming she did nothing of the sort. But the incident, which took place on the Mediterranean island of Lipari, was witnessed by a number of people who subsequently spoke to reporters about what actually happened.

After the couple arrived on the island from the south of France on a 120-foot yacht belonging to Campbell's boyfriend at the time, billionaire, Mikhail Prokhorov, they were swamped by photographers who, as usual, tried to photograph them aggressively.

One eyewitness told Italian media sources that Naomi Campbell "flew at him screaming gibberish, before being dragged away by her own bodyguards."

Di Giovanni, who took the incident anything but lightly, told reporters at the time:

"First she hit with her bag, screaming at me and then she tried to slap me. I managed to avoid her – but her nails still got my eye. For a few seconds I could not see a thing. I could hear that her bodyguards and her boyfriend were trying to drag her away."
Mr. Di Giovanni's law team confirmed that their client had settled with Campbell, but declined to say how much she had paid him in damages. His attorney, Angelo Pajno said, "My client has withdrawn his complaint and dropped the civil case, but will appear as a witness at the criminal trial."