Rick Perry Ordering National Guard To The Texas Border

Rick Perry is ordering the National Guard to the Texas border. Governor Perry appears to have grown tired of waiting for the federal government to secure the border and is opting to take the actions he deems necessary to protect his state and its citizens.

Governor Perry is expected to give details regarding his plans to mobilize 1,000 Texas National Guard members to the Rio Grande Valley to enhance security along the Mexican border later today. News related to the anticipated actions by Rick Perry was first reported in the Monitor, a Texas newspaper. The publication quoted a state senator and an internal memo obtained from the elected officials office.

Felix Browne, a spokesman for the Texas Governor, told the Washington Post that he would neither confirm or deny the report that Rick Perry was sending the National Guard to the border. Browne also stated that details about the revelation would be given during a news conference in Austin at 2 pm local time today.

During a Republican BBQ in Iowa on Sunday, Rick Perry said, "If the federal government does not do its constitutional duty to secure the Southern border of the United Sates, the state of Texas will do it."

Rick Perry is among a growing list of governors registering their displeasure with President Barack Obama and his administration over the handling of the illegal immigrant surge along the Texas border. Approximately 60,000 illegal immigrants have walked across the Mexican border already this year, one-third of whom are children. Those counted among the children are thousands of alleged teenagers. Overwhelmed Border Patrol agents must assume that the young men and women claiming to be minors are truly under 18 since there is no proof to the contrary.
As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there are mounting concerns over MS-13 gang members being among the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants being held and released pending a deportation hearing. Non-border state governors have also lambasted the Obama administration for sending hundreds or thousands of illegal immigrants to their states without warning or any type of communication related to their housing, care, and community release.

The Inquisitr also recently reported that an illegal immigrant male who was released just a few weeks ago from a Border Patrol holding center was arrested for murder. The man allegedly killed his girlfriend in New Orleans while both the suspect's and the victim's children were in the home.

What do you think about Rick Perry ordering the National Guard to the Texas border?

[Image Via: Army.Mil]