Pit Bulls Kill 4-Year Old Boy After Mother Leaves Him Alone with Ice Cream

Logan Shepherd, the 4-year old child of Stephanie Groulx, was viciously mauled to death by two pit bulls in Hillsborough County, Florida on Saturday night.

By the time his body was discovered by two deputies that rushed to the scene from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office, it was already too late. The two pit bulls just stood there over the lifeless body of their fallen victim with a bowl of ice cream still on the ground where young Logan dropped it shortly after the attack began.

Where was his mother? Why wasn’t anyone watching over this 4-year old boy when this attack started?

Earlier that evening, Stephanie walked Logan to the nearby home of his uncle – Billy Frederick, Sr. The two pit bulls that would later kill his young nephew belonged to Frederick and were locked up in a crate in the backyard. Around 10:30 PM, Logan was simply given a bowl of ice cream and left unattended in the main family room while all of the adults – including Stephanie and Frederick’s wife – decided to talk in private in the master bedroom.

Logan’s attention shifted quickly from his bowl of ice cream to his uncle’s pit bulls in the back yard. He decided to go outside by himself without notifying any of the adults in the home of his intentions. According to the reports filed by the deputies, Logan more than likely figured out a way to unlatch the locked kennels once he made it outside – setting the pit bulls free. It wasn’t long after that moment that Logan’s screams were heard throughout the area – alarming his mother, aunt and uncle and the neighbors almost immediately.

Sadly, it was too late for anyone to do anything. Frederick did not hesitate to turn over his pit bulls immediately to the authorities upon request. Each of the pit bulls were euthanized shortly thereafter. As of now, there have not been any charges filed against Stephanie Groulx for child neglect, child endangerment or any other related charge.

The question, then, becomes: Should she be charged? Is it her fault that her son died?

As mentioned, she did leave her 4-year old son unattended and unsupervised in a large home. She was nowhere near him at the time he decided to put his life in danger and more than likely didn’t even realize that he was outside in the first place until she heard him screaming as the pit bulls mauled him to death.

Even if she is never charged with any crime, these are the points that will forever cross Stephanie’s mind each time that she either looks at her own pit bulls or stares at these pictures of her son who was viciously attacked and mauled to death by pit bulls.