January Jones Isn’t That Bad, ‘Mad Men’ Co-Star Says

After one of the young stars of Mad Men spoke candidly about star January Jones’ attitude on the set, a grown-up from the cast has denied that the actress is unpleasant to work with.

Yesterday, 11-year-old Jared Gilmore, who plays Betty Draper’s son, made a less than charitable assessment of the experience of working with Jones. Kind of making her sound rather like a big mean meanie, Gilmore made everyone want to give him a hug when he said:

“Be careful around January Jones… She’s not as approachable as the others. She’s really serious about what she does. Everyone else is so nice.”

…which kind of seems like Jones probably chases the kids away from her trailer with a broomstick, threatening to keep their baseballs if she finds them one more time. Gilmore didn’t elaborate on why he felt the need to be “careful” around the sexy AMC star, but the statement was enough to get tongues wagging about Jones’ on-set behavior.

However, John Slattery says that the kid’s statements could cause a bit of confusion due to the harshness of Jones’ on-screen character. Slattery says that while Betty Draper is a bit scary, the woman who plays her is not:

“Well, it’s an intimidating character… I mean, that’s the character. Betty Draper is an intimidating woman I suppose, if you were a 7-year-old boy [or] her son. [Jones is] a sweetheart… We got lucky. We don’t have anybody like that.”

Jones is currently expecting a child, and Slattery said he believed the actress would make a “great mother” in real life.