Impeach Obama? Sarah Palin Says ‘We Don’t Do Kings’ [Video]

Sarah Palin’s reaffirmed call to impeach Obama was linked with a populist message at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver where she claimed that the incumbent commander in chief is functioning as a monarch rather than a president subject to the checks and balances of the U.S. Constitution.

A somewhat more subdued Palin (see embed below) than in previous speeches also made repeated references to the so-called forgotten man (or woman), a phrase from the Great Depression that describes the everyday, law-abiding middle-class American ignored by the political elite.

In pointed comments particularly directed at Attorney General Eric Holder, Sarah Palin insisted, “Illegal immigration hurts all Americans, all races and backgrounds … it hurts legal immigrants and our working class fighting for decent wages. “

The former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP candidate for vice-president restated her view that the U.S. House of Representatives should file articles of impeachment against President Obama under Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution for violations of the public trust.

When the president selectively and unilaterally enforces or doesn’t enforce federal law, he “is radically changing the balance of power, setting a wicked dangerous precedent … he’s abrogating congressional authority, making himself a ruler, not a president. We had a revolution back in 1776 because we don’t do kings,” she contended.

According to the Examiner, “Palin’s brief against the president is already familiar to most people. They include his promiscuous use of executive orders, his tendency to ignore the letter of the law and court rulings, and a dereliction of duty concerning crises ranging from the border to Benghazi.”

In her speech at the Hyatt Regency ballroom, Palin declared that there is only “one remedy for a president who commits high crimes and misdemeanors, and it’s impeachment … You don’t need some fancy law degree hanging on your wall there to know laws are not being enforced today. Illegal immigrants all over the world also know that.”

Although Obama has many critics on the right for the far-reaching scope of his executive orders that bypass Congress, George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley, a self-described liberal and an Obama voter, has testified on Capitol Hill and appeared on TV a number of times warning against the Obama administration’s unprecedented power grab.

While most of Palin’s address in downtown Denver focused on the lack of border security and the illegal immigration crisis involving tens of thousands of illegals — many who are unaccompanied minors — flooding into the country, she also recalled the litany of controversies such as the VA, Fast and Furious, NSA spying, Obamacare, IRS targeting, Benghazi, and releasing terrorists from Guantanamo without notifying Congress.

She also blasted Obama for hanging out with his “crony capitalist” friends– whom she claimed don’t play by the same rules that apply to ordinary Americans — at fancy fundraisers rather than taking a first-hand look at the immigration chaos ongoing in the Rio Grande Valley area.

Palin also alluded to the Obama amnesty for younger illegal aliens via a 2012 executive order that many believe led to the current border crisis. “Break the law, get a reward ….. and it’s going to get worse.” Open borders mean that “gang-bangers and terrorists” will enter this country along with innocent children in the illegal immigration surge, she claimed.

About the border situation reaching a boiling point, the Washington Times observes that “President Obama has turned up the heat over the past five years. Using ‘prosecutorial discretion’ as a pretext, he has exempted the vast majority of illegal aliens from the consequences of their actions. He has formally amnestied — without legislative authorization — more than a half-million illegal immigrants who claim to have come here before age 16. He is signaling that sometime this year he will unilaterally, and illegally, amnesty half or more of the roughly 12 million illegal aliens now living in the United States.”

In criticism leveled at her fellow Republicans (a party that Palin has several times flirted with bolting), she said, “These days, you hear all of these politicians, they denounce Barack Obama, saying he’s a lawless imperial president, and ignores court orders, and changes laws by fiat, and refuses to enforce laws he just doesn’t like. That’s true. But the question is, ‘okay politicians, what are you going to do about it?’”

With regard to the Department of Homeland Security scattering illegal immigrants that have come across the border in this latest wave throughout the country without notifying state or local officials in advance, Palin observed that the open-border supporting fat-cats in Silicon Valley or on Wall Street can afford the best security that money can buy in their exclusive gated communities. “Notice [the government] isn’t hauling illegals to those swanky ‘hoods in D.C., Manhattan, or San Francisco. They’re housed in vacant schools in working-class neighborhoods.”

Summarizing her contention that it’s time to impeach Obama, which the House under Speaker John Boehner has no intention of doing, Sarah Palin declared, “Alone, not defending borders is dereliction of duty, violating the oath of office. If that’s not impeachable, nothing is. If [Obama is] not impeachable, no one is.”

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