Game Of Thrones Spoilers: Sean Bean To Return, Reveals Huge Jon Snow Spoiler

Sean Bean believes that he will one day return to Game Of Thrones to play Eddard Stark, even though his character died at the end of season one.

During a discussion with Vulture, Bean not only confirmed his ambition to return to the show so that he can assist his young son Bran, but he also confirmed a long standing fan theory about the hit fantasy drama.

Obviously there are a few potential SPOILERS ahead, so if you don’t want the show ruined you should probably stop reading.

Bean stated to the publication when asked about the possibility of his character returning courtesy of flashbacks to Bran that are connected to the heart tress, “Oh yeah, yeah! And I’m his father, so that would be great fun! Just to go back to that for a while, it would be such fun to do. It would be great! It would be bizarre, but it would be great! So I guess if they’re going to do flashback, then yeah!”

Bean grew more and more confident that he would actually make a return as the interview progressed: “It’s a good theory! And that should happen, shouldn’t it? I’ve definitely got some unfinished business that needs to be resolved there. I’m obviously not Jon Snow’s dad. And you need that to be revealed at some point, don’t you.”

The English actor’s comments regarding the real parents of Jon Snow, who throughout the show’s history has been called the illegitimate child of Ned Stark, is one of Game Of Thrones most divisive subjects.

Some people are adamant that Snow really was the result of Ned having an affair with another woman, however one of the most popular conspiracy theories regarding the character is that his real mother is Ned’s sister, Lyanna, and that his father is Rhaegar Targaryen, who was the real future king of Westeros.

These two characters were madly in love but they ran away together to Dorne. During the battle that ultimately saw Robert Baratheon become king Rhaegar decided to ride out to Robert to fight him but left three of his deadliest and most infamous Kingsguards to look after Lyanna.

Game Of Thrones fans have often speculated why he did this, and the most popular theory suggests that Lyanna was actually pregnant with Jon Snow. Then when Ned Stark arrived to rescue his sister, he found that she had given birth to Jon and she made her brother promise to raise Jon as his own illegitimate son in order to protect him. Sean Bean all but seems to have confirmed that this could actually be the case now.