Sky News Apologizes After Correspondent, Colin Brazier, Digs Through MH17 luggage

Sky News is the latest media outlet to become a story within the story of the tragic downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, with one of their newscasters, Colin Brazier, digging through an MH17 passenger’s luggage during a Sky News report from the crash site.

Though Brazier catches himself, realizing, “We really shouldn’t be doing this I suppose…” the mistake had been made and he couldn’t unring that bell:

The Sky News broadcast instantly raised the hackles of many, protests to Sky News via Twitter dumping like an avalanche on the news entity, reports the Huffington Post:


Apologies from Sky News were quickly forthcoming, however, with a spokeswoman for Sky News saying:

“Today whilst presenting from the site of the MH17 air crash, Colin Brazier reflected on the human tragedy of the event and showed audiences the content of one of the victims’ bags. Colin immediately recognised that this was inappropriate and said so on air. Both Colin and Sky News apologise profusely for any offence caused.”

At least some of those offended acknowledged the Sky News apology via Twitter:

The awkward Sky News broadcast at the same time does underscore the volume of the MH17 tragedy and the senseless pain, sorrow and horror the plane being shot down intentionally has caused. The personal belongings Sky News’s Colin Brazier is seen rummaging through include a tooth brush, keys and other every day items that truly humanize the horrible event.

The Sky News broadcast also came at a time of heightening concerns about the lack of respect and care being taken to properly deal with the remains and property of MH17 victims. It has been widely reported that the enormously scattered debris field has likely been contaminated by the many people who have been digging through it and moving items, particularly the pro-Russian separatists who are suspect in MH17’s downing, and now media such as Sky News.

Earlier this week, another story – though not quite as egregious as this Sky News gaff – also created headlines stemming from a report on the downed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17.

In a rush to get the scoop on the breaking story of the downed Malaysia Airlines jet, MSNBC‘s Krystal Ball interviewed a man who said he was a Sergeant in Ukraine and had witnessed MH17’s being shot down. Unfortunately for Krystal Ball, her crystal ball was apparently turned off, as it was soon revealed that the “Sergeant” was actually a Howard stern fan reporting that MH17 had been brought down by Howard Stern’s flatulence.

In a world of breaking news that demands being reported quickly, mistakes will be made, as Sky News, Colin Brazier and Krystal Ball have found out the hard way, as the tragedy that is Flight MH17 continues to unfold.

Images via Youtube and Twitter