‘The Simpsons’ Super-Fan Breaks World Record: Has 41 Homer Tattoos

A fanatic of The Simpsons has entered the record-books after he got yet another tattoo of Homer Simpson onto his arm.

41-year-old Lee Weir of Auckland, New Zealand, now has the honor of being the world record holder for having the most tattoos of the same cartoon character tattooed on his body. The 27-year-old has 41 tattoos of the loveable oaf on his body, but the most interesting aspect of his bizarre ode to Springfield’s most infamous citizen is that as a child he wasn’t actually allowed to watch the show.

Weir has now revealed that his father was the “real-life Ned Flanders,” and that he was so strict he wouldn’t let his son watch the show at all because it depicted Homer, the head of the Simpson family as a “buffoon.”

However this didn’t stop Lee’s love of the show from blossoming, and he became so enamoured with the goings on at the Simpson’s household that he started to have the characters tattooed onto his skin. This devotion has continued to grow and he now has over three dozen tattoos of The Simpsons.

You can check out his official Guinness World Record certificate below:

Discussing his history with the show, Weir explained, “I was never allowed to watch The Simpsons growing up as my dad was a real life Ned Flanders. He wouldn’t let me watch as it depicted the father and the head of the household to be a buffoon.”

He then added, “But I’ve always enjoyed watching the show in later life and it feels incredible to be a record breaker. My two-year-old daughter Lucy can point out different Homer tattoos on my arm – her favorite is ‘baby Homer.’ To have a record for something that is not only cool but also very close to me is just brilliant.”

Despite his new-found celebrity status, Weir admits that it hasn’t actually changed him, as he insists, “It hasn’t made me a better person but I definitely think it has made me a slightly cooler one.”

Weir added that all of his tattoos were actually completed by a tattooist friend of his, Ben Jenkins, and that they took over 25 hours to actually complete. In order to be officially labelled a Guinness World Record holder though, Weir had to provide dermatology reports to the institution, and he was officially announced as a world record holder on June 5.

What do you think of Lee Weir’s Simpsons tattoos?

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