WWE News: The Rise Of Roman Reigns Begins At ‘Battleground’

Roman Reigns is ready to ascend to WWE greatness, and like it or not, that rise could begin tonight at the Battleground pay-per-view in Tampa, Florida. It’s no secret that the WWE wants Reigns to be the new face of the company. Persistent rumors have pointed to Reigns winning the World Heavyweight Championship belt at Wrestlemania 31, but the recent injury to Daniel Bryan may have forced the WWE writers to push Roman Reigns now, leading up to next month’s SummerSlam event in Los Angeles.

What makes the rise of Reigns so special to the WWE fans is that he hasn’t been shoved down their throats, say like John Cena or Randy Orton. Reigns has done his time in the mid-card. As a member of The Shield–along with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins–Roman Reigns built a following with a set of ring skills and power moves like the “superman punch” and his signature spear. While the spear itself isn’t that unique, it’s Reigns’ execution of the move, with his size (Reigns is 6-3) and long, wet, chaotic hair whipping about that sells the move each and every time. When the WWE broke The Shield up last month, Reigns was finally free to pursue a solo run for the title and he has benefitted each step of the way by a fan base salivating for him to win gold.

Roman Reigns is originally from Pensacola, Florida. Tonight’s pay-per-view is being held in Tampa, a short three hour drive away. At last month’s Money in the Bank event in Boston, John Cena won gold. Cena is originally from West Newbury, Massachusetts, an hour drive away. While it is a stretch to make the connection between hometowns and PPV locations in regards to who wins the WHC belt, the WWE has been in the news of late due to financial struggles. To put it bluntly, the company is in trouble, and putting the belt on someone the fans are practically 100 percent behind, like Roman Reigns–as opposed to the comically divided Cena fans–could help the company as it prepares to rebound financially.

To be fair, the WWE thought they had appeased fans at Wrestlemania 30 when the skilled, but dimunitve Daniel Bryan won an “against-all-odds” match to win the belt. But shortly after that show, Bryan hurt his neck and needed surgery. That surgery put the “face” of the company on the sidelines and forced the WWE to strip the belt. Now, it seems that Bryan needs additional surgeries and could be out a year. This leaves a gaping hole in booking for the title, and forces the WWE to rely on tired, re-hashed programs and even more John Cena, much to the chagrin of the WWE fans.

The WWE needs a savior, and Roman Reigns is that man. And if recent history is any indication, tonight at Battleground, Reigns will Rise.

[Image Courtesy of dailyddt.com]