Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Conspiracy Theory: Victims Died Days Before The Missile Hit

One Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 conspiracy theory has the top pro-Russian rebel commander in Ukraine, Igor Girkin, apparently claiming the 298 victims on board the fatal flight were dead days before the missile ever hit.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, on behalf of the United States, Secretary of State John Kerry is claiming that a Russian missile brought down Flight MH17. But this claim may be difficult to ascertain since Ukraine's rebels remain in control of the crash site and it's claimed the rebel forces have destroyed evidence. Worse, it's claimed that some of the bodies of the victims are rotting at the crash site, although Ukraine says they have recovered 219 bodies so far.

There have been a number of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 conspiracy theories proposed in the days since the terrible tragedy. The first presupposed that Ukraine's government was at fault for the missile that took Flight 17 down and that Vladimir Putin's plane was the real target since it happened to be in the same area. Then some people proposed that missing plane MH370 was somehow connected to Flight MH17 if only because the same airline operated both commercial jets.

Igor Girkin probably has the worst tale to tell of all them. Early on, it was claimed by first responders to the crash site that "a significant number of the bodies weren't fresh." The victims were supposedly drained of blood and were already decomposing, although the former Russian military intelligence agent blamed Ukraine by saying "Ukrainian authorities are capable of any baseness." Regardless of who is to blame, the implication was that the victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 were dead before the plane ever took off.

Ever since that report came out, Malaysians have been assailing Girkin from all over the internet. For example, one comment read: "Of course, they died mid-air because you shot them with a freakin' missile." Some people believe the comments disrespected the memories of the victims: "What do you think this is? Going to market to buy meat and fish? This talk about bodies being fresh or not is pure idiocy and disrespect to the victims."

Not everyone was so dismissive of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 conspiracy theory. Info Wars claims this "story is only bizarre until you consider the fact that this situation might be staged." It's also claimed that a video shows a man scattering "brand new, unscathed passports" on the ground that a Flight MH17 hoax is "wagging the dog to get us in to wider war," which would mean the entire incident is supposedly a false flag attack. Another website called StoryLeak blatantly makes this claim, saying, "[I]t appears that CIA handiwork is all over another false flag operation designed at Langley in order to falsely accuse Russia of conducting state-sponsored terrorism." Their conspiracy theory suggests the "USA military-industrial complex" wants President Obama to goad Russia into World War 3, or at least give an excuse for further U.S. sanctions against Russia.

What do you think about this Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 conspiracy theory?