U.S. Sanctions On Russia Cause Run on AK-47s

One side effect of the United States’ sanctions on Russia was probably unexpected, but it is leading to some big business for certain arms dealers.

CNNMoney reports that the American sanctions have caused Americans to have a run on AK-47s. But why? CNNMoney explains:

“Among the companies sanctioned this week was Kalashnikov Concern, the maker of the automatic weapon….

“According to the Treasury Department, Kalashnikov Concern is banned from importing its guns — including the AK-47 and more advanced AK-74 — into the United States. But, in a statement posted on its Web site, Treasury said Americans are allowed to own, buy and sell the guns, so long as they were already in the U.S. prior to the sanctions.”

You read that right: Americans are having a run on AK-47s because of the sanctions the American government placed on Russia, which impacts Americans’ ability to purchase the Russian-made weapons.

While the CNNMoney report said Americans could buy and sell the AK-47s if the weapons were already in the country, it is not so cut and dry, according to The Blaze:

“However, individuals and companies can no longer order products directly from Kalashnikov Concern or from other sellers in which the Russian firm has an ‘interest.’ Further, Americans who own a Kalashnikov Concern product that has not been fully paid for are advised to contact the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control for more information.

“The Treasury Department also advises companies or individuals with Kalashnikov Concern products in their inventory to contact the OFAC for more information if the products are ‘not fully paid for or are being sold on consignment.’ In other situations where the Russian firm doesn’t ‘have an interest,’ it appears the products can still be sold in the U.S.”

News of the sanctions impacting Americans’ ability to get their hands on the weapon may be causing a run on AK-47s, but The Inquisitr reported last year that at least one American company is attempting to get into the AK-47 manufacturing game.

The company, Resistance Arms, was working to secure funding for the product line, its founders said in June 2013.

“Once we have reached our goal with our current funding campaign, we will be able start producing our rifle kits. Our kits are a unique design to whereas they are not a copy of the current imported parts we are seeing today. These kits will be interchangeable with the various receivers and barrels that enthusiasts normally use.”

[Image via Flickr Creative Commons]