Leonardo DiCaprio Has Packed On The Pounds, Not Looking So Buff At Nearly 40

Leonardo DiCaprio used to be one of Hollywood's biggest heartthrobs, but as the legendary actor approaches 40 he has clearly let things go a bit. He apparently isn't that bothered about the extra pounds he's gained, especially around the torso area.

The Wolf of Wall Street legend, who was probably the most fancied and wanted man in Hollywood in recent years, has dated many a supermodel in his time and has never been bashful about his wild side, and the fact he likes partying.

However, while on a trip to the beach on Sunday, DiCaprio was spotted and snapped by the ever-eager media's cameras looking a little bit podgy and bearded; certainly not looking his best.

Even though the cameramen waited patiently for Leo to ditch the white towel he was keeping firmly wrapped around his upper body and go for a swim, he did nothing of the sort.

Instead, he sat on his beach lounger, towel wrapped tightly, taking huge lugs from his E-cigarette from time to time.

Sporting a short ponytail and wearing some cool sunglasses, Leonardo DiCaprio looked the part for a day at the beach, even if he was a little bashful about his figure.

Unfortunately for the media, Leo's 22-year-old girlfriend Toni Garrn did not make an appearance on the beach and the actor chilled by his lonesome.

DiCaprio's increased weight has been in the media since April when TMZ reported on the star as he vacationed in Bora Bora, pointing out that he had put on a couple of extra pounds and wasn't looking his best.

But the extra pounds don't seem to bother Leonardo DiCaprio too much as he looks forward to his latest venture in the form of his upcoming film The Revenant, in which he stars alongside Tom Hardy and Will Poulter, due for release in 2015.