August 6, 2017
Skye McCole Bartusiak Dead At 21; Played Mel Gibson's Youngest Daughter In 'The Patriot'

Skye McCole Bartusiak, famous for having played Mel Gibson's youngest daughter in The Patriot, has died at the age of 21, according to CNN.

In a breaking news report on the channel's website, CNN confirmed Skye McCole Bartusiak's death through her mother.

"Actress Skye McCole Bartusiak, who played Mel Gibson's youngest daughter in "The Patriot," died Saturday at her home in Houston, her mother said Sunday. She was 21.

"'We lost our girl,' Helen McCole Bartusiak told CNN.

"While investigators have not determined a cause of death, Bartusiak has been suffering from epileptic seizures in recent days, according to her mother."

The actress's death comes as she was preparing to direct her first full-length feature film, CNN said.

TMZ reported that Bartusiak had struggled to establish herself as an A-list Hollywood actress following her appearance opposite Gibson in The Patriot, noting her small roles in several lesser-known short films.

"Skye starred in only one other movie in recent years -- 'Sick Boy.' Other than that she had roles in various short films.

"Sources say Skye struggled after doing 'The Patriot'... trying to establish a foot print in Hollywood, but it was largely a frustrating and unsuccessful experience."

TMZ also reported that Bartusiak was found dead near her home and sticking with the information CNN gathered from Bartusiak's mother noted that the death does not appear suspicious.

"We're told police found her dead in the garage apartment behind her home around 9AM Saturday. Right now, no foul play is suspected and it's being treated as a natural causes death -- pending autopsy results."

The death of Bartusiak is the second celebrity death to make news Sunday, with the passing of legendary actor James Garner coming earlier in the morning.

Twitter user Aaron Ellis noted both deaths:

Twitter user Jorge Xolalpa Jr said he had recently met with Bartusiak about a project and was devastated to hear of her passing this morning.