AMD Bulldozer Details Revealed, Prepares For High-End Computing Glory

AMD on Tuesday revealed a plethora of new features for their upcoming Bulldozer processor cores, CPUs that will be implemented on high end computers along with the AM3+ platform.

Using presentation slides the company revealed a Bulldozer die with eight AMD64 cores and 8MB of L2 cache while features two 72-bit DDR3 memory channels and four 16-bit receive/16-bit transmit HyperTransport links.

According to Electronista, “the new architecture splits eight cores across four Bulldozer modules, each with two integer cores and a floating point core.”

With the AM3+ socket architecture CPUs add support for low-voltage DRAM and increased current for higher frequency HyperTransport connections and two memory channels.

For legacy users the sockets will also be backwards-compatible with older AM3 processor.

The new Bulldozer processor also utilizes Turbo Core technology which can increase clock speeds across all of a chipsets cores when TDP headroom is available.

AMD will begin rolling out the Bulldozer CPUs by the end of 2011, although specific launch dates have not been revealed at this time.

[via Tom’s Hardware]