New York Marriages On The Rise Thanks To Gay Marriage Law

New York officials are being kept busy lately due to a large increase in the number of city marriages thanks in large part to the fact that gay couples can now tie the knot in the state.

According to the New York Post since July 24 when gay marriage became legal they have accounted for one in four new marriage in New York City, although city officials have not yet confirmed that estimated gay to straight marriage ratio.

City records reveal that while marriage applications remained steady at nearly 4,200 for the same period over the last three years, they jumped dramatically in 2011 to 5,587 applications.

According to a city clerk:

“We’ve had to work extra hard to handle the increase,” while they added, “But even as same-sex marriage starts to feel routine here, everyone seems profoundly happy to be here.”

The city seems to have taken quickly to the idea of gay unions, while there have been some protests even city mayor Michael Bloomberg got in on the act, personally overseeing the wedding of the city’s first gay marriage right after the clock struck midnight on the first day in which the law was enacted. The couple Bloomberg married even happened to be a happy couple from his own office.

The first day of gay marriages was so busy that clerks offices remained open on a Sunday to help process all of the marriage certificate requests they received from gay couples.