Rose McGowan Instagram Slam: Michael Jackson Comparison Angers Actress

Rose McGowan hosted an Instagram slam after fans told her she looks like Michael Jackson in a photo she captioned "Afghanistan." In the picture she posted, with sunglasses on and baring a big smile, she certainly resembled him in his last days. Of course, in the right circumstances, any celebrity can look like another.

McGowan's followers commented that she resembled the King of Pop, with a second using Jackson's name in a hashtag, telling her "no more plastic surgery please!"

In the Charmed actress' defense, plastic and reconstructive surgery was necessary for her career after having been in a serious automobile accident in 2007. Michael Jackson simply had the surgery performed to change his appearance, to allegedly look more like his sister Janet.

The comment drew Rose McGowan's ire as she immediately responded:

"[Coming] from, ummm, you. Has anyone stopped to think that Michael Jackson used to be black, and tried to turn himself into a white, possibly Irish person with a cleft chin and a tiny nose? I was born Irish. So [f***] off losers."

This in turn drew anger from Jackson's fans, who immediately leaped on her statement that the King of Pop had surgery to turn himself white. He actually had a skin disease (Vitaligo) which affected his pigmentation, and the surgery had nothing to do with it.

One such comment response was, "Wait...Michael Jackson USED to be black and tried to make himself white? Did she really just say that?"

It appears ignorance ran both ways in this Instagram feud, and actress Rose McGowan found herself caught in the middle of it. McGowan isn't the only one to get in a scuffle on the social media site lately. Selena Gomez had a fan suggest something having to do with cancer, and the singer responded in a much more positive way.

McGowan simply became angry and said something equally offensive in return.

Rose McGowan finally responded with two pictures side by side showing Michael Jackson before and after his famous surgeries, though the latter seemed overexposed. Could that have been intentional, or did she simply not have access to better images?

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