Tumblr CEO Hangs With President Obama

Tumblr CEO David Karp may not be as well known as other tech gurus, but his social media site continues to surge in popularity and his latest exploits should only help.

The Tumblr creator recently rubbed elbows with the most powerful man in the world at a fundraiser. In addition to the Tumblr creator getting some props from the president, the photos and videos of the pair should help Obama’s street cred with the younger generation.

Tumblr was recently sold to Yahoo for a reported $1.1 billion according to TMZ, and that has given Karp cart blanche to start hanging with some rather important people.

Tumbr’s CEO and the president were both attending a private fundraiser in New York thrown by an investment banker. The Tumblr manager had also previously interviewed President Obama for a YouTube video and that seems to have started a friendly relationship between the two.

Page Six reports Tumblr’s newest billionaire didn’t get to speak to the president all that much at the fundraiser but he was seated right next to Obama. During the fundraiser, the president talked about a variety of issues outside the purview of Tumblr.

Barack Obama briefly touched on how the Malaysian airliner tragedy could effect the world. He also talked about the importance of this year’s mid-term elections.

Tumblr’s future is a bit up in the air after the sale to Yahoo. The site had managed to build quite a following as a blogging platform and social media site thanks in large part to several celebrities who used Tumblr religiously.

Some of the appeal of Tumblr might have been that it was an independent network, much like Twitter and Facebook. It remains to be seen if being purchased by a company that has been struggling more often than not could drag Tumblr down.

Karp doesn’t seem to believe that Tumblr’s future will be harmed because of the purchase, though it should be noted that the newly minted billionaire doesn’t have much to worry about if Tumblr fades from the internet scene in the next few years.

It could be that Tumblr will become just another site that managed to make its creator a ton of money before fading into obscurity. If Tumblr does indeed fade away, it still managed to get David Karp to the top of the A-List when it comes to tech luminaries.

For the moment at least, Tumblr is still going strong, as is Karp.

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