If “Fashion” Doesn’t Pan Out. . . There’s Heidi’s Christian Album

Heidi turned another semi about-face when she found yet another way to get US Weekly to talk about her. (Okay, they were quoting USA Today, but it stills counts.) She’s going to be a Christian music star now, y’all!

The “non-denominational Baptist” told USA Today that “I have been the most religious person since I was 2 years old. I always felt this crazy connection to God.” US continues to disturb by telling us that “Montag — who just released her latest single ‘Fashion’ and frequently reads the Bible — says she even wants to record a Christian album.”

Okay, here’s the deal: if it’s better than “Fashion,” I’m game. Heidi showing skill in anything besides self-promotion would be amazing at this point.

Continuing on the Christian theme, Heidi says that she planned to be a missionary in Africa when growing up, and now her and Spencer will be heading there in August to “feed children and help build things.” Does Heidi know how to build things? Even if she does, it would only be really selfless if they didn’t exploit every opportunity they have to get photos and press mentions.

I have an idea: just donate some of your $10 mill and don’t say a word about it. That would be awesome.