I’ll take a wash, hot wax and a spray of weed killer

A lot of this green talk may be nothing more than the latest marketing spin or perhaps to use the really new buzzword – a lot of greenwashing but turning everything possible green is the big trend for 2009. The past year saw everyone talking about hybrid car this and biofuel that as if it was really going to happen on a large scale; but as we have seen in the news today much of those electric cars may be on hold. That hasn’t stopped the marketing spin though.

Leading the charge for the further greening of the automobile is Toyota with word that they will be debuting the next model of the Prius with its Ecological Plastic interior. Yup you heard that right – ecological plastic. Now before you start shaking your head to hard and giving yourself a headache the term applies to plastic that is made from non-edible plant material.

The material will make up to 60% of the interior of the cars. These parts will include things like the door trim, trunk liner, headliner, sun visor, pillar covers and seat cushions. Now you understand why you see the dandelions cozying up to your new Prius next year.

[hat tip to EcoGeek]