Global Anti-Israel Demonstrations: A Huge Concern For The Jewish People

Addam Corré

Since the eruption of the latest war in Gaza between Israel and Hamas, organized rallies and demonstrations around the world have sprung up in support of the Palestinians, and have included violent attacks against Jewish communities in France, Britain, and Turkey, among other countries.

The demonstrations, which have seen literally thousands of angry protestors, are well organized, usually by extreme left wing organizations like Stop the War, Free Palestine, and Greenpeace and attract not only Muslims but also other left wingers who call openly for the destruction of Israel.

France, which has the largest Muslim and Jewish communities in Europe, has seen the worst of the demonstrations, as a scene reminiscent of the Kristallnacht was witnessed in Paris when angry protesters stormed synagogues and attacked Jews in the streets.

In London, the Stop the War Coalition along with Free Palestine, organized rallies in the center of the capital, also calling openly for the destruction of Israel with an emphasis on the "genocide" taking place in Gaza. Of course, ignoring almost two thousand Hamas rockets fired on Israel's citizens in the last two weeks. reported last week that a Jewish woman, who was in Central London during the hate-filled rally, was attacked by a mob of protesters which pushed her around and stole her mobile phone. Fortunately, she wasn't badly injured in the incident thanks to the watchful eye of a warden at the protest.

Turkey's president went one step further in his one-sided condemnation of Israel, equating the Jewish state's defensive operation against the terror cells of Hamas and Islamic Jihad with Hitler, and making the matter personal to Turkey's Jews.

He even went as far as to write a letter to the chief Rabbi of Turkey insisting that he, and the Jews, apologize for what he called "Israeli war crimes" against the Palestinians. He blamed the Jews for all the ills in the Middle East, while conveniently forgetting the Armenian genocide in which it is alleged one million Armenians were killed by Turks.

These actions by Turkey's President led to a spontaneous riot at the Israeli embassy in Turkey where police fired tear gas against the angry mob which chanted "murderer Israel, get out of Palestine."

The embassy was attacked and a Palestinian flag raised in place of the Israel flag. Israel has since recalled its diplomatic personnel, and warned Israelis not to travel to Turkey unless absolutely necessary.

It's little wonder that Jewish communities around the world are now expressing concern for their safety as they witness a violent, one-sided ethnic community targeting them personally for a war that has nothing to do with them.

It's just as well those Jews have Israel as a safe haven, which is something the Jewish people did not enjoy in exile over the last 2,000 years. What remains to be seen is how many will make the decision to return to their homeland due to fear for their lives, or the lives of their families.