WWE News: Will Wrestling Legend Sting Make His WWE Debut Tonight On Battleground?

WWE has been known to shock and awe their fans in the past, even when many think they know what will happen next. So what would be more shocking than having a Pro-Wrestling Legend appear live during an event he is not scheduled for, nor should he even be present at? Wrestling Icon Sting signed on to be part of the WWE 2K15 video game, Sting’s first appearance outside of Create-A-Wrestler in a WWE game.

This sent shock waves through the WWE Universe, making many hope and pray to see him appear LIVE. Sting has done a heck of a lot of media since last Monday. Every single one, he commented on the fact that he wants to appear LIVE in front of the WWE crowd and have at least one match. Obviously that match would be with The Undertaker. However, it is up in the air on if The Phenom will be healthy enough to compete at WrestleMania 31 or not.

WWE signed Sting to what most feel is either a Public Relations deal or Legends deal, currently. This is said to be WWE’s way of sealing Sting up until they have reached a full-time or part-time talent contract.

WWE does think Sting is valuable, but how valuable is the question right now, however. WWE has been known to hold off debuts of anticipated wrestlers simply to draw more buzz on when they will appear. The more we talk about it, the more WWE wins in the long run. You’re welcome, WWE.

WWE does have an incentive to debut Sting earlier than they might have in the past this time around, however. The idea is that Sting is enough of a draw to get people talking and to make people care enough to want to see him more. The WWE will lose their initial 6 month subscribers to the WWE Network around September, and the day is all depending on when you signed up. This means that WWE has a need to use Sting.

Sting has appeared on the WWE Network, however it was during Warrior week, a week in which the WWE honored the now deceased former wrestler the Ultimate Warrior. Sting used to tag with Warrior, so having him on the Network during the week only made sense. Plus, people know him and were happy to see him.

Sting’s name has stayed relevant over the last number of years, unlike some legends who have faded out of existence. That means current wrestling fans know him as much as past fans.

However, those who do not know him can see him often on the WWE Network. There’s a plug, WWE.

Currently, WWE is trying all they can not only to keep ratings up heading into the Fall period when they normally lose ratings to Monday Night Football, among other things, but also help keep and continue to add subscribers to the WWE Network. Sting could debut within this period of time only to help the Network and ratings for RAW.

Sting appearing on RAW helps ratings, but him being there at all will do that. However, if he made his debut at a PPV on the WWE Network, it would give people a reason to want to buy the Network. You never know what will happen on the big shows….so it’s better to see these major moments happen live. This is why many experts think that Sting could very well debut tonight at WWE Battleground. Meanwhile, others think he might do so at SummerSlam. First, the case for tonight.

WWE Battleground takes place in Tampa, FL. This is an area one can easily get to via straight flight and since Sting lives in Dallas, it would not be a long ride over. WWE does have a stacked card for this show, but adding Sting could make it a must-see event. WWE is also in need of a face Authority member. Without a believable person there, WWE may not be able to really be as good as it could be. So Sting coming in for that role at this point would be great to see.

Now the case for WWE Summerslam and beyond.

WWE needs the ratings for TV, so having him appear on RAW makes sense. However, WWE likes to do a lot of video game material at SummerSlam, of which Sting has a part in. He would be in town for the event and could easily appear on a live SummerSlam. Of course, any time in the Fall period would do wonders for the WWE as every week we’d wonder when the Icon would show up.

Triple H said this past week that people never said Sting would never be in a WWE ring. He said that was also said about Bruno Sammartino and Ultimate Warrior would never step foot in the WWE again, but they did. So never say never, if it’s best for business. That being said, can we really expect Sting to not make a major impact? Regardless of when he appears, if he does we know he has signed a WWE talent contract and that alone is worth being happy over.

Most fans think that tonight seems like the best night to do it, as no one really expects it to happen. Of course, they could feel this way for a good reason. Experts like Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer claim that Sting’s debut on WWE programming is imminent. So don’t be shocked if he randomly shows up tonight, knowing that people won’t expect it at all.

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