“Daddy Stole My Nose!” Cute Video Shows Little Girl Named Kyla Asking Her Dad To Give Back Her Stolen Nose!

Kalila Momple, a woman from Brighton, U.K., recently filmed a video of her little two-year-old daughter Kyla. Shot right after Kyla was playing the routine game of “Got your nose,” the video shows a teary eyed Kyla begging her dad to give her nose back.

Apparently, Kyla’s dad told her that he had taken her nose off in the midst of the play. In fact, he had pretended to grab Kyla’s nose out and hid it somewhere. Worried that she had lost her nose for good, the little girl starts crying. In the video, Kyla is heard complaining to her mom about her Dad.

“Where’s my nose gone! I can’t find it anymore!”, Kyla cries out loudly

Her mom responds by asking “Who took it, what did he do with it?” to which Kyla says, “I don’t know. I lost it!”

Kalila then asks her inconsolable daughter to go to daddy and ask daddy “nicely” so that he gives Kyla her nose back. Kyla immediately turns towards her daddy and says,

“Daddy, I wanna have it back!”

Finding that the way Kyla asked for it wasn’t polite enough, her mom asks her once again to ask for it nicely from her dad. And that’s when Kyla says,

“Please daddy, I want my nose back?”

Kyla asking her dad to give her nose back

Her nice daddy, touched by her request, immediately gives her nose back, after which Kyla’s demeanor changes completely. Her mom asks,

“Are you happy now, Kyla” to which the little girl says, “Yeah!”

She is all smiles and even happily says good bye to the camera. More importantly, order is restored again in the Komple household!

The video showing Kyla’s hilarious drama was uploaded to YouTube on June 29, 2014. Needless to say, the video has gone viral, and has now reached almost 300,000 views. Don’t you think she will grow up to become a big drama queen? :)

[Image Via YouTube]