Missing And Pregnant Wyoming Woman Found In Suspect's Trunk

Police say that the suspect in case involving a slain pregnant Grand Rapids woman and her boyfriend committed suicide Thursday night after a police chase lead him to crash his vehicle with the dead pregnant woman still in his trunk.

Chief James Carmody of the City of Wyoming police said Friday that Brady Oestrike, 31, shot himself after crashing his car during a police chase, according to the station. Police later discovered 18-year-old Brooke Slocum dead in the trunk of his vehicle after it crashed on an entrance ramp.

According to CBS News, investigators were in the process of preparing a search warrant for Oestrike's home when he left the residence in his yellow Chevrolet Cobalt. Those investigators alerted patrol officers, who stopped the suspect's vehicle close to his residence. When officers approached the vehicle, the suspect drove off, Chief Carmody said.

The Detroit Free Press reported Friday that Oestrike contacted Slocum on Craigslist before the murders, according to a search of her computer. Wyoming Police have not yet determined a motive and are still investigating if Oestrike acted alone.

The day before the incident, police found Slocum's boyfriend, Charles Oppenneer, dead in a park. Oppenndeer was the last person said to have seen Slocum alive.

At a press conference held Friday to discuss the murders, Carmody said, "We have three victims: Charles Oppenneer, Brooke Slocum and her unborn child." He said that officers searched intensely for Slocum.

"I have not seen better police work in my career," Carmody added.

Police have not yet released a motive for the murders.

[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Newsrender]