Mitt Romney Hits Campaign Trail As Talk Of 2016 Presidential Run Heats Up

Mitt Romney is hitting the campaign trail again, and though he’ll actually be stumping for an Arkansas gubernatorial candidate, there is growing chatter that Mitt might once again make a run at the White House.

Romney announced this week that he and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will be traveling to Arkansas to lend a hand to Republican candidate Asa Hutchinson. Romney and Christie will be coming for separate fundraisers, with Romney due on August 20 and the New Jersey Governor one week later.

The role is familiar for Romney of late. After his defeat in 2012 to President Obama, the former Massachusetts governor has taken a behind-the-scenes role in the GOP, using his vast fundraising network to help candidates.

Romney has been very successful in the role, with every primary candidate supported winning. Republican insiders are now referring to Mitt as something of a kingmaker.

It’s a title that makes Mitt uncomfortable.

“I’m far from a kingmaker,” he told NBC’s Meet the Press back in June. “I’m just one of those that wants to keep the conversation going and fighting for things I think will make a difference for my 22 grandkids…I’m not running.”

But despite his denials, Mitt Romney has remained an intriguing dark horse candidate for the 2016 presidential race. Mitt has seen his popularity rise since his 2012 defeat, while also raising his credentials. His statement during the 2012 race that he saw Russia as the No. 1 threat to the United States — an idea that was ridiculed at the time — now appears prescient as a majority of Americans now agree with his assessment.

Mitt Romney has also done well in early assessments of the 2016 presidential race. Early polls found him with a commanding lead in the pivotal state of New Hampshire, and an online “Draft Mitt” petition has close to 60,000 signatures.

Mitt has also maintained a strong political presence, criticizing both President Obama and Hillary Clinton on Russia and Ukraine. This has led many to believe Romney is at least keeping his options open.

But if Mitt Romney is going to run for president in 2016, he isn’t letting on. Mitt has stated several times that he is not running and has no interest in it.