Guilty Dog Apologizes, Returns Infant’s Toy In Heartwarming Video

Charlie the Dog has become a bit of a celebrity based not only on his act of theft from an infant baby, but his attempts to apologize to the baby in a truly heartwarming video making its rounds on the Internet this weekend.

The guilty dog video, originally posted in April, it just shy of one million views on YouTube and is starting to get a lot of attention for Charlie the Dog. The Daily Dot explains the entire situation:

“If you have an infant and a dog living under the same roof, they’re going to be sharing toys. Naturally, that’s not always ideal—and not just because they’ll be swapping slobber.

No, the bigger problem is jealousy. Below, we see a beagle named Charlie step in to seize a toy that had been forestalling a baby girl’s next crying fit. Once he realizes the impact of his selfishness, however, he makes amends the only way he knows how.”

People commenting on the guilty dog video online were blown away by the canine’s acts of repentance to the infant, whose name appears to be Laura. This comment from YouTube user sjwhang99 just about sums up the Internet’s response to the guilty dog video:

“Charlie really knows how to say sorry to baby Laura (who by the way has really grown and is sooo adorable!!!). He is showering her with so many toys. I’m sure when she is all grown-up, Laura will have a good laugh when she sees this video!!! ♥☆♥☆”

YouTube user Susan Ann had a similar reaction, nothing the involvement of Charlie in Laura’s life:

“Well I just think its fantastically amazingly beautiful how you have FULLY involved Charlie into the upbringing of you child, just so much devotion its how it should be, thats one lucky baby there to have a beagle buddy!”

Charlie has become so popular since the video was posted earlier this year that he now has his own Facebook fan page with more than 2,500 likes.

A comment left on a post about the video showed that Charlie and his infant friend may have taken the social media site by storm:

“wtg charlie!!!! also watching your sister in such a wonderful way!!!!!! i thknk i love you just about as much as i love my boy jake!!!!!! i cant wait to see the baby get bigger and they really get to play with each other running around and having so much fun!!!!! a big aro from me and my jake!!!!!! ROCK IT charlie!!!!!!”

Charlie isn’t the only dog rocking the Internet. Check out this video of a dancing pit bull. It’ll melt your heart, too.

[Image via Screenshot / YouTube]