WWE News: Major Update On John Cena Dropping The WWE World Heavyweight Title Tonight

For the Internet Wrestling Community, anything about John Cena losing is not a part of their vocabulary. However, the most recent report coming out suggests that the current WWE World Heavyweight champion will be dropping the belt tonight at WWE Battleground.

“There is a belief backstage that this could be a sign of Cena dropping the title on Sunday at Battleground. These same backstage people believe that Roman Reigns is the next man up as WWE needs to “pull the trigger” on him and let him carry the title… at least briefly. Some feel it’s simply too early to do that.”

One clue that Reigns could possibly win the title is the fact that Cena is supposed to be missing the Monday Night Raw tomorrow night. Instead, the wrestling star will be shooting his new movie Trainwreck. Cena doesn’t miss Raw for anything, but special projects do come around once in a while. If that is the case, the WWE may be in for a new era sooner rather than later.

Brock Lesnar is supposed to be returning to WWE on Monday Night Raw after Battleground. According to multiple reports, he was supposed to be facing Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight championship at SummerSlam. However, things could be changing and not in a good way.

If Reigns does win the championship tonight, what does that say for his future? In the report above, WWE might “pull the trigger” on their new golden boy.

Like I’ve mentioned previously, Lesnar defeating an up-and-coming superstar is not best for business. Defeating Cena would provide an excellent match between two beasts that can pack a punch with every move. Although Reigns has superb charisma and talent for a young guy, his momentum would be devastated if he lost the belt to the Beast Incarnate after a one month-reign.

Below are a few scenarios that WWE should consider before pulling the trigger on Reigns:

  1. Do the logical and keep Cena as the champion. He doesn’t deserve to lose it this quick as well. Granted, he’s a 15-time WWE champion, that shouldn’t mean his reigns only have to last a month during the latter years of his career.
  2. Have Rollins cash-in the belt, but make him lay down for Lesnar. That sounds ridiculous, but it’s an odd choice. The WWE used to have surprising and off-the-wall choices.

Anything that involves Reigns not winning the championship tonight is a great choice, and the WWE should be very patient with his push. They learned from Sheamus and Ryback — hopefully. Tonight’s Battleground pay-per-view will prove if the WWE has an elongated plan towards WrestleMania 31.

[Images via WhatCulture and Independent.co.uk]