WWE News: Has The WWE Already Found A Wrestler To Replace CM Punk?

As everyone knows by now, wrestlers come and go in the Pro-Wrestling business. Companies like the WWE have the responsibility of making new stars just as big as previous ones. However, that is not an easy task. Sometimes you have to really put a lot into building a star, and other times it can be as easy as saying your ABCs. What WWE has done as of late was sign Indy talent.

This has been a big help to the WWE, as many of these men and women are already well-versed in wrestling and even promo work. WWE would simply polish them up and see what they have to use for future projects. This allows WWE to save time. The company has talent that has already been trained mostly and has various experience. While none of them really have had the exposure that the WWE will give them, they all know how to work a good match.

WWE also loved Indy talent because they know how to work crowds, which helps live event sales as people will see matches that can be incredibly good. WWE has a tough time filling out live events, where TV is not as hard but can be in certain towns. However, live events are known as “pure wrestling” events and a lot of fans love them for that reason. So WWE has to sign people who will be just as good there as TV, and with Indy talent, you never have to worry about that.

WWE’s top stars over the last number of years have had Indy experience, which is a telling sign for where the company is heading. So it should be no surprise that the WWE has signed Japanese Superstar KENTA. While KENTA is in his mid-30s already, he is potentially the biggest wrestling star Japan has right now. KENTA is actually someone we know well, without even seeing him wrestle. His moves have been used in WWE often, with stars that helped make them famous here.

A move Daniel Bryan does called the Knee Plus and kicks to the chest and face are moves that KENTA was known for. The Anaconda Vice and GTS that CM Punk was known for are also KENTA moves. KENTA has a Japanese Strong Style of wrestling that makes him stand out in a major way. He also is a well known wrestler among Indy fans and is world traveled. The WWE knows that people will take to him well, and he is far better than a project like Sin Cara was coming in.

WWE also has a hidden motive beyond using KENTA to replace departing stars. Japan will be getting the WWE Network sometime next year and the idea is that, due to KENTA’s popularity and potential push to the main roster by 2015, the Network will be something that Japanese fans will want to have so they can see their famous countryman. So WWE has more time now than ever to really build up a star.

The issue WWE faces is that KENTA may be toward the end of his career. While most feel he will transition into WWE fairly well, due to his age he won’t be able to stick around as long as WWE might want. He is 33 years old, and while some will not think that is an old age, in wrestler years he is an over the hill veteran. Wrestling since 2000, he is nearing his fifteenth year in the pro-wrestling scene. That is a long time, especially with his high impact style. Anyone who faces him knows how hard he hits and how real he tries to make things appear to be. So KENTA is a fantastic addition to the WWE.

WWE will be putting him down in NXT for a short period of time, but most imagine he won’t be there long as WWE feels he is a potential money maker. Also, with guys like Daniel Bryan out and CM Punk gone, a replacement is needed who can wrestle as good as or better than them and KENTA is the perfect person for that role.

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