Joy Behar On Sarah Palin: ‘Why Is She Even Relevant?’

Last week, The Inquisitr reported that Sarah Palin expressed interest in being one of the new hosts for the daytime talk show The View. Apparently, that isn’t sitting right with former co-host Joy Behar.

During an interview with Extra, Behar, who left the show in 2013, had this to say about the former governor of Alaska:

“Shouldn’t Sarah Palin be turning letters over on some game show at this point? Why is she even relevant? She and Dick Cheney need to just sort of say bye-bye and disappear, so I don’t really see her on any show, frankly… I wouldn’t watch.”

Along with Palin being a co-host, Behar thinks it would be a bad idea if a man was part of the panel, since a previous attempt at that “didn’t really work that well.”

“I think that the women watching want to hear women talk, as a general rule, and what women are thinking.”

But one of the current co-hosts, Whoopi Goldberg, told TMZ that she would have no problem with Sarah Palin or a man being on the panel with her and Rosie O’Donnell. But she also said the option was in the hands of Disney, not her.

“I work for Disney, whatever they want.”

Dean Obeidallah, a writer for The Daily Beast, said Sarah Palin would be “perfect” for the talk show. But one of the reasons is not because of her opposing opinions — it’s because Goldberg and O’Donnell would “crush her.”

“‘The View’ isn’t Fox News, where hosts fawn over Palin like she is dropping pearls of wisdom instead of inane comments.”

He even mentioned how the two slammed Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s conservative viewpoints.

“For example, there was the time Whoopi schooled Hasselbeck on the reason why women need to be the ultimate decision makers when it comes to their reproductive rights. The audience clearly sided with Whoopi, breaking out into thunderous applause as she finished her comment.”

If Palin does join the talk show, audience members can “expect more of the same.”

Another reason Obeidallah wants Sarah Palin to join the panel is because of her “daily dose of idiotic comments.”

“Listening to Sarah Palin talk about history is like watching an episode of the new Comedy Central show ‘Drunk History.’ With Palin on ‘The View,’ it will be like ‘Drunk History’ five days a week.”

Obeidallah does have some concern that Sarah Palin will either leave or be fired before her first season has ended.

“She can’t play to both mainstream and probably not very political American housewives (‘The View’ audience) and the Tea Party wingnuts.”

“ABC’s parent company, Disney, is not going to let Palin be the Palin that most of us hate (or love.) Sure, Disney wants ratings because they equal profits. But I very much doubt that Disney will allow Palin — or any one person — to cause damage to its corporate image.”

If Sarah Palin does join The View, will you watch? How do you think she will fare?

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