Lawyer Does Not Approve Of Judge’s Ruling … Promptly Fly Swats Him (Video)

In America, we have a certain set of rules and practices in the courtroom. The process can be daunting and quite serious no matter what the charge. However, We do have reality style court shows that depict court proceedings in a humorous way with a no -nonsense judge. Oscar Wilde would be proud of what goes on today, maybe, as it was he who said “Life imitates art far more often than art imitates life.” Just a few weeks ago we watched what happens when a judge challenges a lawyer to do battle outside his courtroom because he just sick of him. An attorney in Kazakhstan decided to show all lawyers how it’s done.

Enter Evgeniy Tankov, 35, the lawyer who was not happy with the way the judge ruled in his client’s case. HD News reported:

Evgeniy Tankov, 35, a lawyer from Kazakhstan, had been hired to act for his client in an inheritance case. But with things not going his way in court, CCTV footage shows him approach the judge and say: “Let’s not hang about arguing the law here, let’s decide this with flyswatters.” He then brandishes the flyswatter, and slaps the judge who at first tries to ignore it despite being hit three times.

I guess you can say he say that he ended that by saying ” Shoo judge, don’t bother me”. Well, in Russian or Turkic, of course. Enough of the editorializing, Let the hilarity begin…

I suppose this would be a video for those who have thought they have seen everything.