Kelly Ayotte Sees Russian Fingerprints On Downed Airliner

Kelly Ayotte isn’t buying Russia’s claim that it wants to find the people responsible for downing a Malaysia Airlines jetliner as it flew over the Ukraine.

In fact, the Republican Senator believes Russia is responsible for the plane being shot down in the first place. While Kelly Ayotte says she isn’t sure of the exact details about how this tragedy went down, Politico is reporting there are Russian fingerprints all over the situation.

“It’s a missile that came from Russia or it was from the separatists, and it’s a BUK style missile,” Kelly Ayotte said on Fox News on Thursday night. “I mean, this came from Russia. Russia has their fingerprints all over it.”

Kelly Ayotte may not be loaded with facts or evidence, but the New Hampshire Senator certainly isn’t alone in thinking Russian President Vladimir Putin has a hand in this issue. Most of the international community has pointed a finger at the former Communist country since the plane was shot down.

The issue stems from a Thursday incident in which the commercial flight was shot down near the border between the Ukraine and Russia. The plane crashed and all 298 souls on board were lost.

The Ukrainian government has claimed that the plane was downed by pro-Russian separatists, but those separatists have not claimed responsibility for what appears to be a military level mistake.

For her part, Kelly Ayotte says that if the incident can be traced back to Russia, it would be a “game changer.” In particular, Kelly Ayotte wants to see President Barack Obama impose harsher sanctions on Russia for what she calls an “act of terrorism.”

For his part, Putin is blaming the Ukrainian government and Kelly Ayotte is appalled that he has accused Ukraine. “I never cease to be amazed by the nerve of Vladimir Putin to accuse the Ukrainians,” Kelly Ayotte said on MSNBC, according to the Washington Times.

The shooting down of the plane seems to only be the first atrocity occurring that can be linked back to this chain of events. The Ukrainian government is now claiming that separatist rebels have been ransacking the plane.

The government says the rebels are stealing evidence that could implicate them for shooting down the plane. It’s also possible that the Ukrainians are blaming pro-Russian forces as a way to provide a smoke screen.

While the evidence still hasn’t really been evaluated yet, Kelly Ayotte and others are ready to blame Russia, sight unseen.