Gamer proposes through custom Portal 2 map

We’ve all seen d’aww-inducing gamer proposals before, but this proposal from Gary Hudston using a custom Portal 2 map really takes the cake. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Moving along!

Gary Hudston, like many brave gamers before him, set out to do something a little special for his proposal to his girlfriend, Stephanie. He commissioned mapmakers TopHATTwaffle and MissStabby to come up with a custom Portal 2 map to make his proposal, complete with new lines from Ellen McLain as GLaDOS.

The result is, well, pretty amazing. If you’d like to see it in action for yourself, you can check out the embedded video below. If you’d prefer to play the custom map and, er, I don’t know, pretend it’s you that’s being proposed to, head over to this link for a download.