Witnesses Of Malaysia Airlines Crash Describe Bodies, Debris Raining From Sky And Onto Their Homes, Fields

Shaken witnesses describe in horrifying detail what they saw during the Malaysia Airlines crash of Flight MH17 that happened Thursday in Ukraine after a surface-to-air missile shot the airliner down. The plane was on its way to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam. Everyone on board the ill-fated plane was killed. The violent blast sent plane parts and passengers out into the sky and falling down over a large radius of land consisting of fields, crops, and villages.

In a grisly account of what eyewitnesses in Ukraine saw for themselves, the Daily Mail reports on the chilling accounts given by those in villages and farms near and around the crash scene.

Irina Tipunova, 65, is a retiree. She says a corpse smashed through the roof of her house and into her kitchen. She recalls:

"There was a howling noise and everything started to rattle. Then objects started falling out of the sky. And then I heard a roar and she landed in the kitchen."

According to the report, the naked woman's corpse remained inside the house and Tipunova was told "to wait for experts to come and get it."

White flags affixed to sticks -- with some from tree branches -- are staked where bodies and remains lay in fields. Some bodies are intact while body parts are strewn among the debris. Many of the passengers had their clothes ripped off from the intensity and force of the explosion that sent them falling 33,000 feet below. Others had bare feet from their shoes being flung off in mid-air.

A 20-something local resident says that she darted outside after hearing the Malaysia plane explode. She shares:

"I opened the door and I saw people falling. One fell in my vegetable patch."

Vsevolod Petrovsky was at the scene and reveals this in great detail:

"One body broke a hole in the thin roof of summer terrace in a private house. I got out of the car and immediately saw the naked body of a woman, covered by some leaves.

"There were many bodies without clothes around. Probably, their clothing was torn away after the loss of pressurization. Horrible.

"I go further and see a hill made of the cockpit parts. The area is lit. The pilot's body is in this seat, with seat belt fastened, he is dressed in his clothes."

Live animals were also aboard the Boeing 777 airliner. The New York Times reports of dogs, pigeons, brown chickens, two parrots, and a peacock. These animals were listed on the Flight MH17 manifest.

The disturbing accounts of bodies and plane fragments raining down from the sky is indeed haunting. Witnesses of the Malaysia Airlines crash are seeing more as each day progresses in the recovery efforts.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images via Daily Mail]