TGI Fridays’ Endless Appetizers A Good Deal? Eating Competition Champion And 14 Hour Sit-In Push The Limits

The TGI Fridays’ endless appetizers deal is offering unlimited refills for only $10 a head, but an eating competition champion and a 14 hour sit-in probably pushed the deal to its limit.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, we already produced a guide to the TGI Fridays’ endless appetizers deal that covers the options, calories, and the best strategies for getting your money’s worth out of the limited time deal.

The biggest limitation to TGI Fridays’ unlimited refills is that only one person will receive unlimited refills on the particular appetizer they choose, but the good news is that sharing will not be discouraged directly. This mean that if several friends all go out to each together they can coordinate by picking one item from the list of TGI Fridays’ endless appetizers. While solo diners are out of luck, it seems very likely that a small to large group could quickly max out all the option and have a diversified meal.

But there are others trying to stretch the TGI Fridays’ endless appetizers deal to its max. For example, the Daily Beast took eating competition champion Eric “Bandlands” Booker out to eat and decided to gobble down 48 pan-seared pot stickers and 36 boneless buffalo wings, which amounted to 3,390 calories in all. Badlands ate so much food that the restaurant even ran out of potstickers!

Their waiter also said the TGI Fridays’ endless appetizers deal seems to be improving the amount of business:

“They can’t really go for much more than that. It’s been pretty busy, since all the ads started. Sales have been up. This past week was insane.”

Badlands enjoyed the experience enough that he said he’d do it again, which seems to mean the promotion is working.

Unfortunately, another writer from Gawker may not say the same. She decided to push the limits based upon time, spending 14 hours straight sitting in a TGI Fridays eating nothing but mozzarella sticks. Needless to say, this write was not too happy:

“My mouth feels dry, like I’ve spent the past 10 hours snacking on cotton balls instead of mozzarella sticks that taste a little bit worse than cotton balls…. I don’t feel nauseated, but I also do not feel any trace of an appetite…. Earlier I said these mozzarella sticks taste like garbage. I would like to amend that statement. They taste worse than garbage. I would prefer to eat garbage, because then there would be the chance I would get to eat a bite of something good someone started to eat but couldn’t finish, or paper.”

The journalist’s report ended with throwing up at home, but the one positive thing we did learn is that the TGI Fridays endless appetizers deal is not kidding about it being unlimited, whether it be through time or the amount of food.

What do you think about the TGI Fridays endless appetizers deal?

[Image via The Daily Beast]