Former WikiLeaks Member Destroyed 3,500 Files Before They Could Be Published

Former WikiLeaks employee Daniel Domscheit-Berg has revealed that before leaving the company he destroyed 3,500 unpublished files, shreadding them “in order to ensure that the sources are not compromised.”

According to Domscheit-Berg the files included Washington’s “no-fly list” and site founder Julian Assange says information on 20 right-wing groups was also compromised.

In a statement released to the press Assange says his former employee kept cozy ties with US intelligence and police while claiming that the former Wikileaks member committed “sabotage” and improperly used chat logs for his book Inside WikiLeaks, chat logs that paint Assange in a less than favorable light.

It’s not necessarily that Domscheit-Berg didn’t want files to be distributed across the internet, he opened his own whistleblower website called OpenLeaks but then ran into issues when Germany’s top hacker group kicked him out and accused him of exploiting their work to benefit OpenLeaks.

Really Assange? You’re going to bitch and moan that files were used against you without your permission and that it was in some way an invasion of your privacy? Some people simply can’t take a dose of their own medicine.