July 18, 2014
'Duck Dynasty': Phil Robertson Will Not Be Bullied By LGBT Supporters, Says Missy

The Duck Dynasty GQ interview seems to be the hot topic of the hour with Phil Robertson's family recently rising to his defense, even though it has been over a half a year since Phil's comments over homosexuality and the Bible incited controversy within the LGBT community. But now Miss Robertson says Phil would not let himself be bullied then and not now, either.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Jase Robertson claims the GQ interviewer Drew Magary was overtly hostile during the controversial interview. The entire Duck Dynasty family was initially involved, but when the reporter began cursing in their home, and insulting their Christian beliefs, the entire cast walked out except for Phil, who stayed to defend their beliefs despite his sons advising him to leave.

Jase claims Magary was purposefully asking questions about controversial subjects, including sex before marriage and racial issues:

"[T]he questions were only about controversial things. He asked about, he looked at my dad and said, 'What do you think of homosexuality?' Which my dad didn't really answer but, you know.... And so, I think it was just a plan to get some, some of that [which] caused us some trouble.... My dad thought he wanted to take a stand in his house, and I don't blame him."
Responding to the controversy, Phil Robertson also says the Duck Dynasty GQ interview left out the best parts of his responses, which left his comments standing in a negative light:
"I gave him the rest of the story… I gave him the bad news, and then I gave him the Good News."
Phil says that when he listed off all the sins from the Bible he was not condemning anyone. In fact, he said, "That list of sins covered me in my past life.... We've all been there."

Missy Robertson is the wife of Jase, and she also gave an interview recently where she discussed the infamous Duck Dynasty GQ interview. Like her husband, Missy believes "spiritual warfare" is the reason why the LGBT community attacked the show:

"Oh yes, definitely. A lot of people want to keep us quiet, you know, they don't want that. But we're not going to be quiet. We just can't. We're not going to be bullied, basically."
Missy says Phil will also never back down from his position, but she also claims it's not directly his opinion on homosexuality that was stated:
"So, and if you know anything about Phil Robertson, you know he's not going to be bullied. No, he's not. He's self-assured. A lot of people thought that what he was talking about in that [GQ] interview was his own opinions. But he was quoting Scripture. He knows the Scriptures so well, he didn't need to go get the Bible and lay it out. He just started quoting. So, that's where I think people were misled, that's just coming out of his mouth as an opinion, but it wasn't."
Missy also says Phil Robertson and the rest of the Duck Dynasty family do not want to be seen as attacking the LGBT community. Although she says "Jesus came here... with the sword," she also says, "God is the judge, not us." Instead, they hope to "show Jesus through love and not judgment and criticism. We don't want to be looked at that way."