October 29, 2016
Ashlee Simpson Goes To Ex-Boyfriend's Party, Gets Frisky With New Fiance

Ashlee Simpson must have ended their relationship on very, very good terms.

This week, Ashlee attended the 32nd birthday party for Ryan, her former flame. Only this time, Ashlee brought along her new fiance, actor Evan Ross, and sources said the two were quite affectionate with each other.

"They were both super cute with one another, very affectionate and very touchy feely," a source told Us Weekly. "At one point Ashlee even had Evan sitting on her lap as they conversed with their friends."

There are apparently no hard feelings between Ryan Cabrera and Ashlee Simpson. Ryan has dropped Ashlee's father, Joe Simpson, as his manager, and is now hard at work on a new album.

Ashlee and Ryan are still close friends, and at the party Ashlee was seen urging her fiance to listen to some of Cabrera's new songs.

A source claimed that Ashlee was "urging Ryan to play his new record for Evan so he could listen to it and maybe give him some insight on some lyrics that Ryan was struggling with. Evan and Ryan talked about collaborating and getting in the studio together. Both of them sounded super stoked on the idea and will be making it happen sooner than later."

Ryan Cabrera has been a source of inspiration for Ashlee in the past. He was the subject of her hit song "Pieces of Me" and their relationship was featured on her short-lived reality series, The Ashlee Simpson Show.

Ashlee and Ryan have been crossing paths a lot lately. On July 9 they attended the State Social House's Wednesday Night Laugh Attic Comedy Show, and though they didn't come together, sources said Ashlee and Evan spent a lot of time at Ryan's table.

But Ashlee Simpson appears to have put that relationship well in her rear-view, and appears thrilled to be marrying Evan Ross. The couple has a lot in common (both are family to more-famous singers --- Evan's mother is Diana Ross, Ashlee's sister is Jessica Simpson). They also share a desire to stay away from the Hollywood spotlight.

Last year, Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross got engaged during a trip to Hawaii. Simpson shared the news with Twitter followers, sharing a picture of her ring on along with the caption, "My baby love and I are ENGAGED!!! Hallelujah Hawaii!!!!!"