Drunk Horse Thief Rides To Store To Steal Beer

A drunk horse thief named Christine Saunders did not stop her crime spree with simply absconding with the animal. Instead, she rode the horse to a store where she proceeded to steal beer.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, while the horse thief was at least able to successfully ride on her vehicle of choice, another woman driving a jeep drove straight into a pool.

Sheriff Jimmy Harris of DeKalb County in Alabama says his office received a bizzarre report about an intoxicated woman stealing merchandise from a store after having stolen a horse. When the deputies arrived on the scene, they found Saunders carrying three cans of beer in a Walmart bag that was tied to the horse. She had apparently ridden the horse to the store and then left it outside while she shoplifted.

Saunders was charged with public intoxication and illegal possession of a prohibited beverage, but the owner of the horse decided to not press any charges after his animal was safely returned. The 45-year-old woman was booked into the DeKalb County Detention Center and police are said to be working with the store on whether or not they will charge her with anything else.