Meet Fran Capo, The World's Fastest Talking Woman

When you speak with Fran Capo, you better pay close attention because otherwise, Fran's words might literally fly right past you. Why? According to Yahoo News, this extraordinarily talented author, motivational speaker, and comedian happens to the be world's fastest talking woman. Fran's such a fast talker, in fact, that she can speak up to a whopping 603 words per minute!

So who exactly is this mysterious lady? This Guinness world record holder rose to prominence back in 1986 when, while on the Larry King Live Show, she was recorded speaking at 585 words per minute. However, it wasn't until 1990 that fast talker Fran Capo set the current world record by speaking 603.32 words in just 54.2 seconds. That translates to over 11 words per second! She has since appeared on countless TV and radio programs, including the Late Show, on which she ordered an entire Chinese menu for the host's entertainment pleasure.

In her most recent appearance earlier this month, Miss Capo read the entire story of the Three Little Pigs in just 13 seconds:

Amazing Youtube video, right?

The shocking truth is that to Miss Fran Capo, aka the fastest talker in the world, being a fast talker is really no big deal. If anything, it's simply one of many, many talents. For instance, her website lists her as a speaker, a spokesperson, an adventurer, a writer, a comedienne, and of course a fast-talking woman.

Her adventures are particularly out-of-this-world. Fran's not only eaten fire, but she's also walked on hot coals, gone bungee jumping, gone swimming with sharks, and even gone tornado chasing. Plus, fast talker Fran Capo once once made a three-and-a-half hour trip to the ocean's floor simply to view the wreckage of the infamous Titanic. Why? Apparently she wanted to do something fun, exciting, and different!

Fran's TV appearances are just as zany. According to IMDB, she hosted a 2007 documentary called 4000. It depicted the struggle that cigarette smokers face on a daily basis. She also served as co-executive producer for the shortly lived TV talk show Live It Up.

And oh, did I mention that Capo holds another Guinness world record!? Yep! She holds a record for performing a book-signing on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. This makes her the only author to have ever done this from such a high elevation. Crazy, right?

To see some of Fran Capo's appearances on the Discovery Channel, check the YouTube video below:

Image via [Google Images]