Dave Franco And Conan O’Brien Look For Love On Tinder

The internet was gifted today with a hilarious new viral video, and this one is about…Conan O’Brien and Tinder? Conan, armed with Hollywood hunk Dave Franco, join Tinder together during a bit on Conan, and hilarity ensues.

Conan, who in reality is a happily married father in his 50s, joined Tinder under the guise of “Chip Whitley,” a Conan look-a-like claiming to be ten years younger. Not surprisingly, Dave Franco (under the name “Djengus Roundstone”) had much more luck finding a Tinder date, with his boyish good looks and hunky frame. Franco’s match was the shy Courtney, who agreed to meet up with the duo and got along with both celebs with ease.

Conan’s match, however, turns out to be a 74-year-old woman who ditched O’Brien immediately. “I wish there was a way that we could know their address, even if they didn’t want us to know it. And then we could go there and make them like us,” Conan says. Probably not a great idea, as Conan and Dave’s choice vehicle was a brown van (which they lovingly referred to as “Brown Lightning”) complete with a tacky mural painted on the side – screaming creeper.

Check out the hilarious video for yourself below!