Malaysia Airlines Plane Crash: Couple Hit Twice Losing Family Members, Once On MH370 And Now MH17

A couple not only lost family members in the Malaysia Airlines plane crash of Flight MH17 Thursday over Ukraine, but on the missing MH370 flight back in March as well. This unprecedented and tragic loss happened to Australians Irene and George Burrows of Biloela in central Queensland, Radar Online reports.

The Burrows were barely making it through the loss of their son, Rodney, and daughter-in-law, Mary, on Flight MH370 when Thursday's plane crashed. According to the Herald Sun, the couple just lost their step-granddaughter, Marie Rizk, and her husband, Albert, on Flight MH17.

Irene's son, Gregory Burrows, spoke on their behalf regarding the shocking coincidence. He tells The Courier Mail:

"It's been a very trying day."

The Malaysia Airlines plane crash was the result of a surface-to-air missile attack over Ukraine's volatile war zone territory. The grieving Burrows are beside themselves with grief, in complete anguish that this tragedy happened twice in a row on the same airline. Gregory Burrows adds:

"This has just blown everyone clean out of the water."

This isn't the first time the family has opened up about their heartbreak. When MH370 disappeared, they didn't just lose their son and daughter-in-law, but friends Cathy and Bob Lawton, who were on the same flight on their way to China for a holiday. At that time, their son, Jayden Burrows, gave a statement after the March crisis. He said that the family was struggling to come to terms with the "terrible tragedy" of MH370.

Jayden Burrows said:

"We dearly love and will miss our Mum and Dad."

He continued:

"The love and compassion that they shared and their priority of putting their family first will help us get through this together. We are heartbroken this stage of their life has been cut short."

Marie and Albert just completed a month-long vacation in Europe and boarded MH17 to head back home. The pair are survived by their two children.

The Malaysia Airlines missing plane carrying 230 passengers has never been recovered. Not one trace of debris, remains, or evidence has emerged in the disappearance of the airliner. After Thursday's plane crash of Flight MH17 over Eastern Ukraine, the entire world is in crisis over the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. It's spurring controversies and Malaysia Airlines finds itself once again under intense scrutiny.

Flight MH17 had nearly 300 people aboard the plane.

As for other information on the Malaysia Airlines plane crash and updates on Flight MH17, The Inquisitr has multiple articles. The latest post is an eerie footage of the plane's last known video inside the airliner as passengers stow their luggage prior to departure.

[Image via Herald Sun]