Dougherty Gang Charged With 29 Counts, Held On $1.25M Bonds

The Dougherty clan have officially been charged after their cross-country crime spree ended in a dramatic shootout with police.

Police officials have filed individual charges against the three gun-toting siblings that include attempted murder and first-degree assault for Ryan Edward Dougherty and Dylan Dougherty Stanley who received 24 and 23 counts for their part in the crimes, while sister Lee Grace Dougherty was charged with 29 counts of her very own.

Pending their upcoming court hearing in southern Colorado the siblings are each being held on $1.25 million bond.

While sister Lee may have the most charges raised against her, the LA Times on August 12 said she was cozying up with police officials which could help reduce her charges and ultimately jail time, according to the Times:

But the sister, Lee Grace Dougherty, 29, an exotic dancer in the Orlando area, has already made statements that suggest she’s cozying up to law enforcement. Pasco County Sheriff’s officials said they couldn’t comment on whether this foreshadows Lee Grace Dougherty’s defense strategy — or if it signals a potential eagerness to turn evidence against her brothers in order to spare herself.

Lee Grace Dougherty was shot before being captured by Colorado law enforcement authorities and then began fessing up to her crimes, telling one officer “I deserved to get shot” while adding that her and the brothers “weren’t trying to hurt anyone.”

Regardless of her snitching, it’s likely that Lee Grace Dougherty will see a significant amount of jail time.