Maksim Chmerkovisky Retirement: DWTS Pro Could Give Up Dancing To Pursue Relationship With Meryl Davis

Marksim Chmerkovisky could be ready to hang up his dancing shoes, and the Dancing with the Stars pro may have Meryl Davis to thank for his early retirement.

Ever since Maks and Meryl displayed their explosive chemistry on the most recent season of DWTS, rumors have been flying that the two have become a couple.

In an interview after the show ended this year, Maksim Chmerkovisky gushed about Meryl Davis and even hinted that he could give up dancing for her.

“I want Meryl to be the last person I dance with,” he said during an interview with Social Life magazine, “the last person I got to be passionate with and care so much for.”

Many took the statement to be just a bit of exaggeration, but new reports confirm that Maks is thinking about giving up dancing for good. Life & Style reported that Maksim is ready to quit dancing and the rigors that go with it and instead take a seat on the other side of the judging table.

“Maks really, really wants to be a judge,” a DWTS insider dishes to Life & Style. “He’s just waiting to see what Len decides before he makes his announcement.”

The insider’s statement sheds a bit more light on recent admission from Maksim that he and judge Len Goodman were giving serious thought to their futures on the show.

“Len and I will get together and think about [whether I will return],” Maks recently told the magazine. “When the season’s over, I’m depleted. I have nothing left.”

If Maksim does retire, it isn’t certain that Meryl Davis would be the cause. Some sources claim the couple are merely close friends, and that there is no romantic spark.

“[They] are just friends, but I’m sure he’d love it if they were more,” a source said. “He really likes her. He thinks she’s beautiful, really cool and down-to-earth.”

While Maksim Chmerkovisky and Meryl Davis have never confirmed a relationship, followers have still found a number of clues hinting otherwise, including some flirtatious communication via social media.

[Image Via ABC TV]