Global Warming May Lead To Alien Attack Says New Study

If extraterrestrial life is headed towards Earth we might want to prepare for the apocalypse according to a new study. The study says greenhouse gas emissions caused by global warming could lead other civilizations to realize we are expanding too rapidly and therefore may become an offensive threat to other planets in the future.

The Pennsylvania State University study concludes that due to the possibility of future attacks other civilizations may attack “in order to protect other civilizations from us.”

According to co-author Jacob Haqq-Misra:

“This is a highly unlikely scenario”

Although it should be noted that we are already checking out “spectral signatures,” of other planets, while we also read our own signature by checking figures that our reflected off the moon. What do our self studies show? Mostly a very high mix of oxygen, methane and ozone.

Haqq-Misra adds:

“If there are intelligent civilizations out there, they pretty much have to have figured out how to grow in a sustainable way,” while adding, “We’re not doing that.”

So be prepared because Al Gore is probably summoning his extraterrestrial friends at this very moment, sure they might not arrive for thousands of years, if they arrive at all, but let this be a warning to everyone who doesn’t recycle, you could be leading to the inevitable alien doom of our home planet.

My favorite part of these study types? They are typically funded by government money at public institutions.

Why do you think extraterrestrial life would mostly likely attack us? Perhaps because Rosie O’Donnell has a new show coming to the OWN network?