June 29, 2017
Malaysia Airlines Conspiracy Theories Connect Flights MH17 And MH370

Malaysia Airlines conspiracy theories are at an all-time high after a second plane "lost contact" with Malaysia air traffic control in just a few months. The second plane, another Boeing 777, is said to have been "shot down" using anti-aircraft weaponry from the ground. Now, there are several explanations on the internet, some of them believable and some of them not. Boston.com posted a list of the weirdest conspiracy theories out there, at least one linking Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 to flight MH370, which went "missing" back in March and still has not been located.

The first conspiracy theory was previously reported by The Inquisitr. There are claims that whoever shot down that plane was actually trying to target Vladimir Putin's plane, which is said to be of the same size and was flying around the same time. An unnamed aviation specialist explained:

"The contours of the aircrafts are similar, linear dimensions are also very similar, as for the coloring, at a quite remote distance they are almost identical."

Another Malaysia Airlines conspiracy theory involves the fleet's "missing" plane. There are some people that are convinced that the plane that was shot down on Thursday was MH370. Many people on social media drew a connection immediately, likely thinking that two Malaysia Airlines tragedies in just four months is way too coincidental. The airline company could have been covering something up, or maybe they knew nothing about "flight MH17" to begin with -- maybe it was an inside job.

Remember their very first tweet when the plane went down? It was eerily similar to their tweet about MH370:

A third, yet stranger perhaps, conspiracy theory involving the Malaysia Airlines tragedy has to do with passenger passports. Anyone who watched the news yesterday probably saw video footage of passports that seemed to be flame and scratch retardant. How is it that so many passports were found in such perfect condition? Well, if that doesn't scream conspiracy theory, what does?

Someone watching the news decided to look up some of the "passengers" based on the names that they read on passports shown on "live link." Check this out:

Flight MH17
A Facebook exchange about a possible weird connection

The final Malaysia Airlines conspiracy that will be mentioned here involves the numbers game. Not unlike what people "learned" about 9/11, the numbers involved in MH17's disappearance all include the number seven and, when added up, equal the number seven. Yes, it is quite odd that MH17 went missing on 7/17, but there is more to it than that... at least for some people.

If you want to find even more conspiracy theories on your own -- and play a bit of at-home (or at-work) detective, you can check out the cargo manifest posted by Malaysia Airlines about an hour ago.

[Photo courtesy of AP/Dmitry Lovetsky via Channel News Asia]