Powerball Numbers July 16: Jackpot Climbs To $60 Million, Ticket Sales Lowest of 2014

The Powerball numbers drawn on July 16 matched none of the 11.8 million tickets sold for the nationwide, big-money lottery game, but three tickets matched the first five numbers, missing only the Power Ball, to claim prizes of $1 million each.

The Powerball jackpot now jumps to $60 million for Saturday's drawing, up from the $50 million that was up for grabs July 16. But despite the potentially life-changing sum at stake, the Powerball game failed to generate much interest among the lottery-playing public.

In fact, the 11,810,733 tickets purchased by hopeful Powerball players made for the lowest sales figure of 2014, a year in which there have been 57 drawings and more than one billion tickets sold. The 1,044,640,842 total ticket sales in 2014 have produced six jackpot winners so far.

Still, the ticket sales total for July 16 was not only the lowest in the year's 57 drawings, it was the lowest figure for more than two years worth of twice-weekly Powerball drawings. The last time the 43-state lottery sold fewer tickets for a single drawing was July 4 of 2012, when 11,474,716 tickets sold for a jackpot set at $60 million.

The three second-prize winners of $1 million each on July 16 came from three different states. None of the winners have come forward yet. But we know where the tickets were purchased.

•In Maryland, the $1 million ticket was sold by Tucker's Liquors on Old Alexandria Ferry Road in Clinton.

•In South Carolina, a single "Match 5 winning ticket was bought at The Garden Spot 4 at 601 E. Lee Road in Taylors, a suburb of Greenville with a population of about 21,000. In fact, the ticket was the second $1 million Powerball winner sold in Taylors this year. Another second-prize winner was dispensed in February, at The L'il Cricket on Wade Hampton Boulevard.

•The third and final $1 million Powerball runner-up was purchased at Mia's Market and Deli in Arlington, Virginia.

All in all, there were 378,838 winning tickets good for a total of $5,827,863 sold in the July 16 Powerball lottery game.

Was yours one of those winners? Check your July 16 Powerball numbers against the following sequence, drawn at 10:59 pm in Tallahassee, Florida.

515182632 Powerball 35

While the top prize is $60 million for Saturday's Powerball game, a winner who wants the money all at once, rather than in 30 annual payments, will receive the "cash value" of $35.9 million.